A Talk About Oral English Teaching Problems and Solutions

Topics: English language, Teaching English as a foreign language, Linguistics Pages: 19 (5789 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Theoretical Framework2
1.1 The requirements of the New English Curriculum Standard3 1.2 Foreign language methodologies4
1.3 The second language acquisition5
1.4 Motivations for junior students’ English learning5
2. Causes of the problems6
2.1 Students’ factors in their oral English learning6
2.1.1 Linguistic factors that influence students’ oral English learning7 Weak basic language knowledge of the students7 Language itself7
2.1.2 Non-linguistic factors that influence students’ oral English learning8 The lack of cultural background knowledge8 The lack of language environment8 Few opportunities to practice speaking8 Impact of parents9 Low motivation and interest in speaking9
2.2 Teachers’ factors in oral English teaching9
2.2.1 Less proficiency in their oral English teaching9
2.2.2 Ignorance of oral English teaching10
2.2.3 The traditional teaching methods10
2.3 The administrators’ problems10
2.3.1 The current English test system10
2.3.2 The current text books11
2.3.3 Inappropriate teacher evaluation11
3. Solutions to such problems11
3.1 The solutions to students’ problems11
3.1.1 Building strong knowledge foundation11
3.1.2 Cultivation of language environment12 Speaking in class12 Speaking on campus12 Speaking at home12
3.1.3 Fostering confidence13
3.2 The solutions to teachers’ problems14
3.2.1 Professionalism for English teachers on their oral English14 3.2.2 Attempt of new teaching methods and strategies14
3.3 The solutions to administrators’ problems15
3.3.1 Improvement of the education facilities15
3.3.2 Calling for quality-oriented education15
3.3.3 Development of appropriate teaching materials16
4 The future of oral English teaching17


As we all know, language is an essential part of communication. No one can communicate with others without language. Furthermore, it is undeniable that English as an international language has gained its popularity all around the world. The purpose to learn a foreign language is communicating with local people about their culture and other aspects of their life. As a result, spoken language becomes more and more important. Nowadays, almost everyone knows the importance of learning English, it is taught as a compulsory subject at elementary school, secondary school and university in China. A lot of people consider that vocabulary is the key to learning English, so they prefer to memorize words as many as possible. It is true that one cannot communicate effectively or express his ideas in both oral and written forms without a sufficient vocabulary. However, we all know that the effect of learning language is marked by the students’ communication ability. There is a phenomenon which we called “Dumb English” in China, which means a large number of students can only read and write instead of speaking. Although vocabulary is an indispensable element in learning foreign language, a more important one is how to speak that language out. However, after several years of learning, students’ spoken English is also poor. They cannot express their thoughts in English in daily life. They are afraid of communicating with native speakers in English. What's worse. They even cannot figure out what others say in English. Why did these phenomenons happen? Three reasons are introduced. The first one is that there are still many problems existing in spoken English teaching, such as absence of English learning environment, the Grammar-Translation Methods, and teachers paying much attention to vocabulary and grammar. The second one is the subjective reason: students are afraid of speaking English. They are...
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