A Tale of Two Cities Persuasive Essay

Topics: 2002 albums, English-language films, Marriage Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: March 29, 2013
There are always good people to follow in life and then there are some bad examples. You should not pay attention to the bad examples but look and the good ones and try to follow their paths. However in England there is one man whose life is exquisite and you should follow in his footsteps. That man is I, Charles Darnay, French Tutor in England and nephew of Marquis Evrémonde. I believe that there is only one important thing to have in your life that your life should revolve around, that being family. I am married to Lucie Manette and have a beautiful daughter also named Lucie. They are the center of my universe and mean the whole world to me. On my wedding day I promised to tell Lucie’s father Dr. Manette my real name. Since I do not want to lie to my family or keep anything secret I did as I promised and told Dr. Manette my real name. This was not easy but I did it because you should not keep anything from your family and try to express everything which is exactly what I did. Although I say I am a good man to follow there are a few things that you should not follow. I did pursue my promise to Dr. Manette but what I should have done is tell him right away. Now that I think about it I feel bad about it because I kept a huge part of me away from my wife and her family. Although I was not quite sure on whether or not to tell Dr. Manette about my real name I chose to tell him later on our wedding day than be up front and tell him and Lucie as soon as I met both of them. You always need to tell the truth right away because it may hurt you in the end. I believe that I happen to be a good role model for many young people. There are not many of us in this world but I do know for sure that England does have at least one good role model to follow. Only pay attention to the good role models and leave the bad ones in the dust, they will get you in trouble. There are a lot of good people in this world and I happen to be one of them.
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