A Study on the Frozen Yogurt Industry in the Philippines

Topics: Frozen yogurt, Ice cream, Frozen desserts Pages: 20 (6180 words) Published: March 25, 2012


Today’s industry shows a huge concern regarding fitness. These days, consumers are more inclined towards healthy options. With this said change in culture, frozen yogurt was able to adapt and provides consumers with a healthy alternative that can cater to various taste preferences. Yogurt is known to be sour in nature. Many companies have been able to maintain its flavor but at the same time were able to alter the generic taste of yogurt that satisfies various types of consumers. Since this topic is new in nature, the researchers decided to further study the behavior of consumers towards the shift in cultural trends. The brands chosen for this study are Red Mango, White Hat, FruttiFroyo, Golden Spoon and Yohgurt-Froz. These brands are familiar names in the industry, which have caught the attention of consumers. Some of which have added extra flavors to expand their market. Also, it can serve a wide range of customers. II.Background of the Study

However, because of the given amount of time and resources it does not cover the entire yogurt industry. Only five of which were taken namely, Red Mango, White Hat, FruttiFroyo, Golden Spoon and Yohgurt-Froz. In addition, there were only thirty respondents which is not enough data to fully rely on. This does not account for the total buyers.

With the said brands, the group conducted interviews with credible representatives. From the data gathered, the UAI questionnaire was made. Thirty respondents were obtained from the study, and each member interviewed 6 consumers in their respective brand assigned such as: White Hat, Yogurt Frohz, Red Mango, Frutti Froyo, and Golden spoon. The method used by the group was Stratified sampling where every third customer that entered the store was interviewed. III.Objectives

Yogurt has been in the food industry for quite some time, and only recently has it gained Popularity. To further understand as to why yogurt has an unusual development in the market, this study aims to monitor the market trend of the frozen yogurt industry and strategies that brought recognition to the yogurt business. The researchers were challenged with these following questions: Why is frozen yogurt “in” today? What sets them apart from other frozen desserts? Will frozen yogurt continue to soar in the future?

Further more this research focuses on the following:
1.)Identify strategies that can help the yogurt industry survive the constant change in preferences 2.)Understand the current trends, analyze the past, and predict the future. 3.)Make a conclusion on whether or not the frozen yogurt industry will improve through the years and expand in the future. IV.STEPLE Analysis

Social – People nowadays have companionship needs, which is why they will usually come in groups. To accommodate these people, Fro-Yo shops offer comfortable seating and spacious tables. Technological – With technological innovations and breakthroughs, frozen yogurt has become easier and faster to manufacture than ever before. Media has also evolved with technology, with the internet now serving as a major source of information, something that frozen yogurt companies can take advantage of by using on-line ads. Economic – Part of the Filipino culture is being very frugal and has a high level of consciousness with the value they get for their money. Thus, frozen yogurt does not possess a big enough market share because their pricing does not appeal to the mass budget. Political – An increase in tariffs on imported materials necessary in making frozen yogurt will increase production costs and will probably increase product price as well in proportion. Legal – Threats of intellectual property theft. Lawsuits against the company for health violations. Environmental – With the Philippines being a tropical country that it is, climate is usually hotter most of the year which is why frozen yogurt has a...
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