A Study on Difference Between Modes of Investment Used by Social

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1.1 Introduction
Social Invest Bank Ltd was established on November 22,1995 with an authorized capital of taka.1000 million and Paid up Capital of Taka 260 Million by a group of rignly successful entrepreneurs from various field of economic activities. It is a Fully licensed scheduled entrepreneurs from various field of economic activities. It is a fully licensed scheduled commercial Bank set up in the private sector in line With the Government to liberalize Banking& Financial services. The founder Chairman of the Bank was Prof. Dr. M.A Mannan. He is a world wide renowned Islamic Economist. The first managing director was Mr. M. azizul Haq. .Highly professional people having wide experience in domestic and international Banking are managing the Bank. The present Chairman is Mr. Kamal Uddin Ahmed who is the renowned Industrialist of the country. The present managing Director is K.M. Ashaduzzaman has long experience in domestic international Banking. The Bank has made significant process with in a very short time due to its very competent Board of Directors, dynamic management and introduction of various customers friendly deposit and loan producfis. SIBL is operating three-sector Banking such as Formal, Non-formal and Voluntary Sector. SIBL is beginning a new era of Islamic banking having social, ethical and moral dimension in each of its activities ranging from credii to construction, trading transport, forming to fising, manufacturing to mining and so on. Some renowned personalities and institutions are sponsors and directors of this bank.

1.2. Objectives

The objectives of the study to clarify the modes of investment of SIBL and compare with investment mode of conventional bank.

The objectives of this report are as follows:

To discuss about investment modes as detailed as possible, used by Social Investment Bank Limited. To study the modes of advance & loans used by Conventional Banks. To compare the investment modes used by Social Investment Bank Limited and that of by Conventional Banks. Find out the problems and how to overcome.

1.3. Methodology
A report is logical and systematic plan prepared for directing the research study. It is also called outline for a framework which specified the method to be used in data collection and data analysis.

For the purpose of the study, there are two sources of data
a)Primary data
b)Secondary data
The facts and figures used in this study report have been collected both from primary and secondary sources. A survey was conducted on twelve clients vis a vis bankers of different branches about the Investment modes used by SIBL and that of by conventional bank. To collect data a structural questionnaire was used ( a format of the structural questionnaires is shown at annexure). I have studied the actual investment operation of Principal Branch & Nawabpur Branch of SIBL and discussed with the executives & officials of the bank and found the approximate data which has been presented in the report. As, the secondary source, internet has been browsed. Relevant books, journals, Annual reports, articles, official documents etc. have been consulted.

1.4. Scope and Limitations
The scope of this report is limited to the different modes of Investment used by SIBL and Modes of Advance & Loans used by conventional Bank in Bangladesh. Such an important study requires in-depth analysis of modes of Investment/Advance & Loan. To make the study well representative, a number of branches of different banks were required to be covered. Because of awe full business in my job, time constraint & space limitation fixed by the course co-ordinator it was not possible to make the study as in-depth as it was actually required. Besides, it needs more interaction with different people, but they are so busy with their schedule work. As a result sometimes they could not give enough time. Getting the information of the Conventional Banks is...
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