Topics: Online shopping, Electronic commerce, Amazon.com Pages: 17 (3376 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Zia Ul Haq
Assistant Professor, Central University of Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir Email: zia@cukashmir.ac.in

Consumers are playing an important role in online shopping. The increasing use of Internet by the younger generation in India provides an emerging prospect for online retailers. If online retailers know the factors affecting Indian consumers’ buying behaviour, and the associations between these factors and type of online buyers, then they can further develop their marketing strategies to convert potential customers into active ones. In this study four key dimensions of online shopping as perceived by consumers in India are identified and the different demographic factors are also studied which are the primary basis of market segmentation for retailers. It was discovered that overall website quality, commitment factor, customer service and security are the four key factors which influence consumers’ perceptions of online shopping. the study revealed that the perception of online shoppers is independent of their age and gender but not independent of their education & gender and income & gender Finally, the recommendations presented in this research may help foster growth of Indian online retailing in future.

Keywords: Online Shopping, consumers, India, website, behaviour. INTRODUCTION
Commerce via the Internet, or e-commerce, has experienced rapid growth since the early years. It is well known to most of the Internet researchers that, the volume of online business-to consumer (B2C) transactions is increasing annually at a very high rate. According to ACNielsen (2007), more than 627 million people in the world have shopped online. Forrester (2006) research estimates e-commerce market will reach $228 billion in 2007, $258 billion in 2008 and $288 billion in 2009. By 2010 e-commerce will have accounted for $316 billion in sales, or 13 percent of overall retail sales. ACNielsen also reported that, across the globe, the most popular items purchased on the Internet are books (34%), followed by videos/DVDs/games (22%), airline tickets/reservations (21%) and clothing/accessories/shoes (20%).Goecart forecasts that

US online population will increase nearly 50%, from 1471.5 million in 2001 to 210.8 million by 2006 (Cumulative Annual Growth Rate of 8.2%) and online retail sales will grow from US$47.8 billion in 2002 to $130.3 billion in 2006. Similarly WIPO (2007) cited that about VOLUME NO.1, ISSUE NO.8

ISSN 2277-1166



10% of the world’s population in 2002 was online, representing more than 605 million users. Much research has been concentrated on the online shopping in the world. However, there is still a need for closer examination on the online shopping buying behaviour in developing countries like India. While both established and new, large and small scale businesses are now using the Internet as a medium of sales of their products and services (for example Dell computer, Amazon.com, in the world and jobstreet.com, rediff.com). Still there is a huge research gap that exists not only between countries, especially between developed and developing countries, which may differ significantly between countries (Stieglitz, 1998; Shore, 1998; Spanos et al., 2002) that limit the generalization of research results from developed countries to developing country contexts (Dewan and Kraemer, 2000; Clarke, 2001). Shore (1998) and Stiglitz (1998) reported that implementation of information system depend on specific social, cultural, economic, legal and political context, which may differ significantly from one country to another country. Dewan and Kraemer (2000) and Clarke (2001) argued in their study that findings from developed countries are not directly transferable to developing countries. Thus, this research is needed for...
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