A Study of Consumer Perception of “Ready to Eat” Products Among Working Class Women

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A Report


A Study Of Consumer Perception Of “Ready To Eat” Products Among Working Class Women In Erandwane Area In Pune City


Ready to eat food items has already gained wide scope in western world and in recent years it gaining popularity in India. A busy lifestyle has made Indian women very hectic to cook and eat thus “ready to eat food” items are gaining wide interest. On account of this many firms are seeing this, a golden opportunity. Companies like Haldiram, Nestle, and ITC are already working in this area. In today’s scenario, first came canned foods, frozen foods, and ready to cook and now the era of ready to eat food .Considering the time value for the working women and also looking towards market needs firms started manufacturing it.

There are peoples, who are migrating to cities for job and education and these people have find the Ready-to-eat products are comfortable to eat rather than depending on restaurants. Most of the dual income (both husband and wife are office goers) families want to spend much less time on cooking because of less availability of time. During weekends they want to spend time with their kids and outing, whereas in weekdays the office duration is large and these factors forced them to go for buying such products. Other factors influences this products is availability of different flavors and dishes. Consumers who are looking for different dishes and flavors now depend on these products. This products brings variety to their eating’s and palatable too. There is no conclusion which one precedes-whether the availability or taste or time constraint, all these factors complement each other in driving these products. Ready to eat items are providing a boon for working women. Literature Review Here are some facts drawn out by different survey carried out by different agencies. * The CFA commissioned a consumer survey to better understand consumers' attitudes and perceptions of ready to eat foods to help inform those efforts. According to the survey, more than half of Indians disagree that ready to eat food is as nutritious a fresh and more than one-third disagree that ready to eat food is as nutritious as frozen. Ready to eat foods and Lower Sodium Are Compatible – Only half of those surveyed know that ready to eat foods can be low in sodium, despite the multitude of no salt, low sodium and reduced sodium options available on grocery shelves. Thus conclusion can be drawn out from this that many people are with ready to cook food but some people are not so supportive. To find out where is real market for ready to cook food. *  A survey conducted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) secretary general D.S. Rawat said the consumer spending rate on processed food has increased at an average rate of 7.6 per cent annually from 2008 to 2010. And this is expected to rise at an average of around 8.6 per cent until 2012. * In any commercial context, such as new product development, positioning and marketing, to understand consumer perceptions and their needs is a fundamental activity for food producers (Van Kleef et al., 2005, Oude Ophuis and Van Trijp, 1995). * The study of consumer behaviour focuses on how individuals make decisions to spend their available resources (time, money, effort) on consumption-related items (Schiffman & Kanuk,1997). Statement of Research

A study of consumer perception of ready to eat products.
The research paper was under taken with the following objectives. i. To study the effective use of time by the use of RTE products. ii. The awareness of consumers towards ready-to-eat food

iii. The factors responsible for buying RTE products by working women. Research Methodology:
Research methodology is the procedures used in systematic observations or otherwise obtaining data, evidence, and information as a part...
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