A Study of Consumer Perception and Brand Awareness of Siemens Refrigerator

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  • Published: December 30, 2010
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Chapter One


Today with technological advancement human race has achieved what few years back were impossible. Refrigerator, the thing that keeps specially food and drinks fresh has opened our door to keep life going in the industrial society without thinking of what will be our next day’s meal. When refrigerator was first introduced in Bangladesh, it was an expensive and fashionable item. It’s price has also gone down considerably and more people in the society can afford it. At present there are several marketers who are offering their product in the refrigerator market. Among them Samsung, General, Whirlpool, Kelvinator, Shacklock, Toshiba, sharp, Rangs, Butterfly, are most widely known brand. And Siemens is one of the leading electrical and electronics manufacturing company in the world with global presence. Siemens refrigerator is basically a European brand with an international image. In Bangladesh it is targeting the niche market for their home appliance products commencing their marketing strategy as of their high quality and expensive products. They do not do their marketing for the mass people, they do only for a particular group of people who has the ability to buy their product. Since the standard of living of people in our country is going up, everybody is aware about a brand of a product and wants to buy a qualitative product for a longer period of time. Thus, consumer perception and brand awareness for refrigerator is now become a vital aspect when purchasing a refrigerator.

Since the real life business situation is always very complex and competitive, every business has to face the intense competition and those who can successfully operate within this critical situation can become the blue cheap. To stay and increase the pace in the business track, the perception and brand awareness is very important.

Brand awareness is the number of consumers or potential consumers who have knowledge of identity a particular brand....
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