A Statement of Internship

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* Setting Personal Goals

* While in a structured internship program, its very necessary for an intern to set personal goals which I want to achieve. It can be deciding on what area I want to specialize or learning new skills or building up network. Whatever the goals are, I will feel greater sense of accomplishment after I achieve them. This will not only help me grow in the internship period but also enhance my career building options throughout life.

* Enthusiasm and Positive Attitude

* There will be many times I will not get the same kind of work which I want to do but no matter what, I should not lose confidence and my enthusiasm to for the work.

* Avoid Negativity

* The easiest way to demolish a good internship is being negative. I do believe in avoiding complaints, being rude, disrespecting peers, arriving late, leaving early, missing deadlines, appearing arrogant, acting unprofessionally and taking part in office politics. I certainly never disrespect even the clerks or the ground staff in the office.

* Learn More About Company

* I simply can not learn everything by reading the company profile on the website but to take participation in attending meetings, conferences and events. Many can raise a point that company meetings are boring for interns, but then we might get to learn a lot of new things. Learning the organization’s culture is the most important part.

* Asking Questions

* I always need to keep one thing in my mind is that Internship is a platform to learn more and more. While the employer expects to get a certain level of work from me, Its quiet obvious that I am not expected to know everything. Raising questions and seeking advice from the industry mentor that an intern should always do if he/she is not familiar with something. We should be open-minded and able to accept the new ideas which...
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