A Small Good Thing by Raymond Carver

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The short story “A Small, Good Thing” by Raymond Carver is about a life taken from a young child days prior to his birthday. Vivid images are forced through your mind and behind it all a lesson is to be learned of how small things are good things in due time. Through this narrative, the reader becomes acquainted with the agonizing pain a mother and father suffer from their tragic loss with their child. In Carver’s story, “A Small, Good Thing,” we are brought glimpses of the anxiety and are taught to realize how comfort and nourishment must be sought after in life.

Once the boy is admitted into the hospital we sense the anxiety driving erratically through the boys parents thoughts. “Will he be ok?” and “I want answers now!” are two vital thoughts we are left with unanswered by the medical team that are showing uncertainty. Theres nothing that can be done in certain situations and like we see with Scotty’s case only time will tell. You can only imagine how the mother and father’s thoughts grew more imaginative while hopes were taking a beating from the vague answers they keep receiving.

The time goes by and habitual actions including sustenance go astray from routine with the parents. No food or sleep takes a toll on the body only weakening and hurting yourself more. Once the parents come to find Scotty’s time has come to an abrupt end, they are enraged by the coincidental phone calls from the baker asking “Did you forget about Scotty?” The parents then sought after releasing their anger towards the baker whom begged for forgiveness, since he was unaware of the extenuating circumstances they have just dealt with. The baker comforts the parents and teaches them how sustenance is important and that it is indeed “A small, good thing.”

All in all, the short story “A Small, Good Thing,” by Raymond Carver is of the unfortunate passing of two parents young son, where in turn they are brought to deal with anxiety and learn that comfort and sustenance is key. It may take time to heal, however small things over time will build you back up to where you need to be in life.

All in all, the short story “A&P” by John Updike is about a young man named Sammy who works at a supermarket and narrates his personal opinions to the viewer. In these personal reflections towards his surroundings, it is evident that Sammy is immature and makes some irrational decisions based upon his emotions. His creative yet unsophisticated analogies prove to the viewer that he is misguided by his impertinent judgements.

the agonizing pain a couple suffer from the unfortunate loss of their son.

The short story “A&P” by John Updike, is about a young man’s experience working at a supermarket. Sammy, the main character, works as a cashier who narrates his interpretations of the customers and people around him. Through his narrative, the viewer becomes acquainted to Sammy’s point of view and outlook on his surroundings. In Updike’s story, “A&P,” it is evident that Sammy uses creative analogies to reflect his personal attitude towards the outside world in a very immature and unsophisticated manner.

The first time we can get a glimpse of Sammy’s negative attitude is when he references his opinion about one of his co-workers. He explains his co-worker as a twenty-two-year old who is already married and has two kids, thus making his life “over.” Another comment Sammy makes is towards an older woman at the register. She was nitpicking his performance and was quite impatient because he was distracted by three girls in bathing suits. While the woman was getting rung up, he was narrating his thoughts about how nasty she was, saying that she was a “witch” and “probably would have been burnt in Salem”.

The most ostentatious observations Sammy made were about the three girls in their bathing suits. He began by judging each one based on appearance, but seems completely mesmerized by one of the girls he refers to as “Queenie.” He goes on an on...
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