A Short Essay

Topics: Poetry, Stanza, Poetic form Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: March 4, 2013
A short essay
I’d like to compare “The Ecchoing Green” of Songs of Innocence to “The Fly” of Songs of Experience. “The Ecchoing Green” is a poem which follows the chronological order, from “The Sun does arise” to “The sun does descend”. The poem describes a nice day with the merry bells and the birds’ singing. “Old John” is seeing and laughing at children’s playing, and recalling his youth time. “The Fly” tells the feeling of “little fly” and from which, it discusses about life and death. About structures, in “The Ecchoing Green”, it has three stanzas and ten lines in each stanza, every first and every second line have a same rhyme, every third and every forth line have a same rhyme, and the rests are deduced by analogy. In “The Fly”, it has five stanzas and four lines in each stanza. In each stanza, the second and forth line have a same rhyme. About images, in “The Ecchoing Green”, “spring”, “birds”, “boys” and “girls” all represent that a new time is coming, the birds’ singing and boys’ and girls’ sports all show a peace and joyful atmosphere. However, I think this atmosphere is just a surface showing to the people, it has some crisis hidden deeply inside. “Old John” represents the old generations, they are innocence about life and death, they do not worried about death, they are enjoying their time laughing at the children and happyily remembering the time they were playing with their friends in their own childhood. In “The Fly”, there is not so much images, “hand” is one of them. It represents mind, it is described as “thoughtless” and “blind”, which shows man begins to think about something about themselves, such as life and death. I love these poems, so I choose them. “The Ecchoing Green” is interesting for me, it repeats “Green” at the end of each stanza—“On the Ecchoing Green” and “On the darkening Green”. Because of innocence, the atmosphere seems more peace and happy, I do not need to think a lot of things when I read this...
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