A Selfish Wife and a Selfish Death

Topics: New York Yankees, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio Pages: 6 (2460 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Joe DiMaggio
The game of baseball has many heroes that have played or are still playing but only handful are legends. A quote from the movie Sandlot says “there are heroes and legends, heroes get remembered but legends never die.” This is true for many of the players in the game of baseball that we see as legends; it’s just we call them influential players. These are the guys that have changed the game of baseball in anyway possible. It can be from winning a World Series and being the MVP, throwing a no hitter or perfect game, or having a record that can’t be broken. Legends don’t come into the game of baseball very often but there are heroes coming in the game just about every year. On November 25, 1914 in Martinez, California a legend was born. Joe was the eighth child to be born to his parents Giuseppe and Rosalie DiMaggio, who were immigrants from Sicily, Italy who moved to the United States in 1898. Joe’s father and ancestors before him were fisherman; however, Joe never was interested in fishing. Joe did not want to follow his father’s footsteps as a fisherman. So, he decided to go with this brother to San Francisco to play baseball. With Joe deciding to go play baseball Joe became the inspiration to the character, Santiago in the book, The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, some say Joe DiMaggio’s childhood was shaped in this line. “I would like to take the great DiMaggio fishing; the old man said, they say his father was a fisherman. Maybe he was as poor as we are and would understand.” (Hemingway 8). As this quote stated that because Joe was raised in a family of fisherman, but didn’t become a fisherman, it showed had determination to follow his dreams. Joe was an inspiration to many. Joe was and still is a baseball player that kids all over the world strive to be like, with the things he did on the field, off the field and with a record that no one will probably ever break. However, many believe this does not make him the best Yankee of all time. Joe started to play the game of baseball at a young age all because of his older brother. He had always been the star of his teams when he was younger. Then he realized that because he was so good at the game he decided to quite going to high school and to play baseball everyday. Joe started playing at the dairy-wagon parking lot and played on a team in his town and led them to a championship. Joe was so good at the game that when his older brother Vince signed and played for a team in San Francisco called the Seals, Joe got to play from his brother suggesting Joe to the manager after their shortstop got hurt. Joe played the end of the season; he played so good that he received a spot on next year’s team. He got to play two seasons with the Seals and played like a star. In those two seasons he hit .341 and .398 batting averages. Since Joe was playing out of his mind in the Pacific Coastal League, Joe’s life was about to change forever by getting bought by the New York Yankees. The start of a storybook and unrepeatable season with the Yankees can put him on the list of one of the best Yankees to ever live. This statement is very bold, as it compares Joe to every player that has played in the Yankee pinstripes from Babe Ruth to Derek Jeter. People in New York saw how good Joe was going to be in his rookie year as a Yankee. The year was magical for Joe, he batted .323 had 29 homeruns and lead the Yankee’s to a World Series Championship. There are not many players in there first year in the major leagues can say they lead their team to a World Series. Joe led the Yankees not just to one World Series but to four consecutive World Series wins in his first four seasons. If Joe had decided to retire after his fourth season everyone would have said that he would have been a Hall of Famer. With that stat in Joe’s playing career it gives him the edge over all athletes as it says on his in Bio “it makes him the only athlete in the history of North American professional...
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