A Secure Intrusion Detection System Against Ddos Attack in Wireless Mobile Ad1

Topics: Denial-of-service attack, Mobile ad hoc network, Computer network Pages: 4 (910 words) Published: December 3, 2012


Wireless Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is an emerging technology and have great strength to be applied in critical situations like battlefields and commercial applications such as building, traffic surveillance, MANET is infrastructure less, with no any centralized controller exist and also each node contain routing capability, Each device in a MANET is independently free to move in any direction, and will therefore change its connections to other devices frequently. So one of the major challenges wireless mobile ad-hoc networks face today is security, because no central controller exists.

MANETs are a kind of wireless ad hoc networks that usually has a routable networking environment on top of a link layer ad hoc network. Ad hoc also contains wireless sensor network so the problems is facing by sensor network is also faced by MANET. While developing the sensor nodes in unattended environment increases the chances of various attacks.

There are many security attacks in MANET and DDoS (Distributed denial of service) is one of them. Our main aim is seeing the effect of DDoS in routing load, packet drop rate, end to end delay, i.e. maximizing due to attack on network. And with these parameters and many more also we build secure IDS to detect this kind of attack and block it. In this paper we discussed some attacks on MANET and DDOS also and provide the security against the DDOS attack.



In existing system, Mobile ad-hoc networks devices or nodes or terminals with a capability of wireless communications and networking which makes them able to communicate with each other without the aid of any centralized system. This is an autonomous system in which nodes are connected by wireless links and send data to each other. As we know that there is no any centralized system so routing is done by node itself. Due to its...
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