A Rose for Emily

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Women can be said to be weak and also strong at times. Today, women can be seen as the stronger sex when compared to men. Some traits of a woman can be regarded as strong, but ever and again, too much of a good thing can turn into something bad and can be regarded as a weakness. This impacts a woman’s life as it can put her at her best and also her worst. In William Faulkner’s classic, ‘A Rose for Emily’, he brings this premise to surface. This story illustrates the character of Emily who sustained herself throughout her entire grievance for a long period, and eventually ended up killing and sleeping with the corpse of her lover, Homer Baron. Although her life was not smooth-sailing, she showed traits that proved her strong, and also weak. Through this story, Emily exemplifies how women can show traits that are strong and weak altogether and how it can influence their lives. Thus, women are found to be strong and weak through their determination, ability to love and their perseverance which impacts their lives. Women are seen as both strong and weak when they show firm determination. In the story, Emily goes through hardship when her father dies and her sufferings add on when Homer Baron leaves her. She puts a boundary in her life and shuts everyone out. However, she still goes on living like this. Her strong determination can be seen as a strong trait as she was determined to live and did not end her life despite her grieves. In contrast, Emily’s determination can lead to her being stubborn. Emily is said to be stubborn when she did not let anyone dispose of her father’s body for 3 days. As in the text, ‘She told them her father was not dead’ and did not allow anyone to manage the corpse of her father. This proves that her firm determination has made her stubborn. Thus, Emily’s actions portray the impact of strength and weakness of firm determination. Furthermore, a woman’s ability to love can impact her when the trait is seen as both strong and weak. Emily has...