A Rose for Emily 15

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A Rose for Emily

The paper is about an individual versus the society within the context of the book ‘A Rose for Emily’. Every individual has his or her own role and impact over the society and the relationship with the members of the society. The centralized theme of William Faulkner's story "A Rose for Emily" is to leave your past and move on. The character Emily possesses the ability to be stuck with the past and has a refuses to show independency in her nature. All through the story the author with the help of symbols used to inter relate the period of re-construction of the South. The story has been viewed as an allegory of southern history, a metaphorical depiction of North-South relationships, feminist nightmare or feminist victory, a gothic horror story, a sociological picture of individualism ruined or individualism successful, a depressing fictional tale. As a rose is proof that love once flourished, as looking at and holding that preserved rose are ways to revive precious memories, so is Homer Barron to become such a token for Miss Emily.

Thesis statement
The paper is based on the theme of individuals versus the society and explained within the context of the book ‘A Rose for Emily’ by William Faulkner. The different behaviors of people with the passage of time and the complexity of feelings within their relationships have a strong impact on the society.

I. “Harsh splitting in the society amounts to the splitting of the human ego” (Doi, 2001, p. 89). People become very conservative and less friendly when they do not socialize and meet other people in the society. In return, the society feels that person is arrogant and come up with different scandals about the person. All humans are social animals and any individual who does not get along with the members of the society is less regarded as a normal person and becomes a target of...
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