A Rose for Emily

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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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1.The introduction to the lesson says that Faulkner's "great theme was the American South." "A Rose for Emily" is a good example of regionalism. Identify two examples of local color from the story. Two examples of a local color from the story are when Emily Grierson didn’t want to go along with the ones who moved into the new area. Emily didn’t pay her taxes for nothing and she had an African American as a slave. In addition to that, she never fixed up or repaired her old eccentric house. Also Ms. Grierson thought of her house as the only house remaining from a neighborhood of homes that was once the best part of town. 2.In the first paragraph Miss Emily is compared to a "fallen monument." What does his metaphor tell the reader about her social status before she died? Well when I think of a monument I think of a huge, very nicely made statue made in behalf of a very important, prestigious, person in history. So with that being said when Ms. Emily is compared to a “fallen monument” that leads me to believe that she had a very high social status, that of being wealthy and a very important person to the people of the town. 3.Part two begins with a shift in time. At this point in the story, Miss Emily's father has been dead for two years and the townspeople begin to complain about a suspicious smell. After you have finished reading the story, hypothesize about the cause of the smell. I think the cause of the smell was the rotten carcass of Miss Emily’s father just lingering in the house.
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