A Review of Day of Empire: How Hyperpowers Rise to Global Dominance - and Why They Fall

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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Ap world history
4th period
Day of empire
The author Amy Chua shows to the reader the different empires and how they expanded and fell. She explains in each chapter how tolerance is the key to successes for every hyper power. She argues that each empire or dynasty was dominant in their own world. Basically she wants to explain to us the readers’ how to prevent the horrible history that the hyper powers did . If the United States did that it would destroy Americas hyper power .

The first hegemon is the empire of the Persians ,which is the “first” hyper power. The Persian empire ruled roughly 559to 330 BC. The first king was Cyrus he was very clever with his words and how he was with his people. Darius the “great” did a lot of financing with the empire that strengthened the Persian economy. The emperor Xerxes was the one who made the empire fall his govern time was called the “Despotic” Reign (485-465 BC), the next ruler of Persia would be Alexander “the great” . He had a different perspective than the last kings but he respected Cyrus . This was the start of the Greeks.

The Persian respected the religious practices of other people in their society. The first kings tolerated everything because that was the key to succeed and grow the empire. Darius contributed to build Persepolis. He also set a currency and taxed everybody. Some people would pay him not in money but in different goods. Most of the emperors had their group of elite s that gave advice to the emperors how to govern their empire.

The roman empire was a very important time in history .According to Chua she states that the achaemenid empire was better than the roman. the achaemenid empire was all about wars but the roman were smart about everything they were idealist. The empire started in 753 BC by Romulus. The ruler Trajan was from the origin of Spain his mother was Spanish father was roman. Mostly many rulers were not roman anybody with a education could be a emperor. He...
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