A Respectable Women

Topics: Woman, Mind, Feeling Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: December 9, 2012
"A Respectable Woman”

In "A Respectable Woman”, a short story wrote by Kate Chopin delves into the psychology of Mrs. Baroda, a wealthy woman with a loving husband who faces temptation in the person of Gouvernail, a polite, unassuming visitor to the Baroda plantation. The story talks about a couple that had a plantation in a city. In the story Gaston invite his college friend, Gouvernail to spend time on his plantation. Nevertheless, Mrs. Baroda she has found the strength to triumph over her emotions, Mrs. Baroda approaches her husband and offers a sweetly ambiguous statement that reopens the question of her intent to act upon her emotions. She tells him, "I have overcome everything! You will see. This time I shall be very nice to him." At first glance, this statement seems to suggest that Mrs. Baroda has regained control of her emotions. Thought the story Mrs. Baroda is presented as a women that had a good imagination, a women that was polite, and a women that was a decent and respectable.

One of the qualities that Mrs. Baroda presented on the story is her good imagination. Through the story the reader could easily recognize that Mrs. Baroda had such a good imagination. In the story it is shows how Mrs. Baroda had imagine Mr. Gouvernil’s appearance on her mind with out having meeting him before. Overcoming "everything" seems to mean that she has overcome not only her displeasure about Gouvernail, but also her unrespectable romantic feelings. However, because she modulates her announcement with the insinuation that she will be “very nice” to him on his next visit, she may mean that after overcoming her doubts and her mental restrictions, she has decided to sate her desires in favor of having an affair.

Chopin leaves the meaning of this declaration unclear, but knowing what we know about her understanding attitude toward female sexual independence we might infer that Chopin is entertaining the idea that Mrs. Baroda will resist the...
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