A Raisin in the Sun. Being an African American

Pages: 4 (1429 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Dreaming of a good life but living with a hated one, how do you cope? Being an African American in A Raisin in the Sun shows Walter having so many dreams but a life that he cannot get out of. Walter hated his life, he was very unhappy with how he had to live when white people were so well off. He tried so many ways to forget his problems but he just could not. Walter feels completely trapped in his life style but deals with it in ways that sometimes hurt the family. The problems in Walter’s life exceed the ways he can deal with them. Walter absolutely hates his job. He thinks that being a driver for a white man is a horrible job. He complains about working and going to work all the time. As well as yell at others who had a better life than him. Like when he yelled at George for being a college boy that is taught to, “…talk proper and read books and wear them faggoty-looking white shoes…” (85). He does not like that George goes to college and comes out better than he is because of education. He also has troubles with his wife. They fight a lot mostly over his dreams. He believes that Ruth does not believe in any of his dreams. Every time he wants to do something like his dream of opening a dry cleaner she would not let him. His new dream of opening a liquor store was turned down by Ruth right away. Ruth saying no made him mad and he complained, “That's it. There you are. Man say to his woman: I got me a dream. His woman say: Eat your eggs” (33). He wants to show Ruth that he is upset that she does not believe in him and his dreams. There is also another problem with how they live. He is upset that his son cannot have a room of his own and has to sleep on the couch. Walter gets mad when Ruth tells Travis that he cannot have 50 cents for school. Walter’s financial life makes him very upset, he has to work, he has to give up on his dreams because he cannot afford to invest in them, as well as his son sleeping on a couch and not a bed. Walter hates his...
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