A Protest from a Bushman

Topics: Poetry, Slavery, Rhyme Pages: 6 (1745 words) Published: November 25, 2012

The theme of the poet A Protest From a Bushman is SADNESS. The poet is expressing disapproval or objection to something, thus how his fellowman treats them and undermine the tribe, culture & tradition. TONE

The tone of the poem is typically a reactive emotion to anger over perceived mistreatment, insult or malice. It is somehow a sense of injustice. The bushman is more concerned with how his fellow countryman treats their tribe. He now feels that his native land not good/ not enjoyable to them as they are now treated as slaves and are now seen filthy. They are seen as a nobody hence this is their native land rather they are not refugees. The tone is the same through the poem. STRUCTURE

The poem has 11 stanzas with 111 lines in total. The first stanza has 10 lines followed with the second stanza with 13 lines. The third stanza has 5 lines, seven on the fourth stanza while 19 lines on the fifth. The sixth stanza with also seven lines 15 lines with the seventh stanza and followed by3 lines on the eighth stanza. Then four lines on the ninety stanza. The second last stanza has sixteen lines while the last one has 12 lines. POETIC DEVICES

From stanza four the poet use repetition of the words,
“life is tremulous
like a drop of water on a mophane leaf.”
to emphasize that life is shaking or shivering with the bad talks about the bushman by the fellow countryman. The bushman uses repetition to truly show that these talks makes them nervous, that is they don’t feel free in their native land. PERSONIFICATION

Life is personified to a person as it is said to be shivering/shaking hence it is something that’s not human like. It cannot shiver nor shake. He shows his anger by showing the unfairness of life.

The theme of the poem The oration of Chief John Madawo Nswazwi is sadness. The poet is being sad and not happy about how people are being treated. He is using Chief John Madawo Nswazwi giving out a speech to his tribe or nation addressing them about the suffering they were treated with and promising them that it is now over. He shows his sadness by saying, “We have become slaves

Worse than dogs and pigs”
By this he clarified how cruel they were being treated as animals. He also explained how heartless they were treated in front of God’s presence thus being weeped showing the immoral signs they discovered. TONE

The tone of the poem is a formal and solemn declaration of objection. Chief Nswazwi VIII is objecting or protesting against mistreatments of human rights to his fellow beloved countryman and women. The slave suffering of the countryman had put anger on him they now do not enjoy fruits of the country. He uses the African slave trade where missionaries mistreated the blacks as animals to explain their suffering which he feels is against the will of the almighty. The chief is angry to chief Tshekedi’s law where villages are being destroyed and reduced to ashes by his tyrannical rule. By saying “ I shall come back fiercer than the burning sun”

The chief promises the fellow countryman & women that if it happens he dies and the slave trade continues he would come back from the dead and display an intensive aggression to help his tribe. STRUCTURE

The poem has 10 stanzas with 99 lines in total. In stanza I the poet expresses the feelings of anger that they have been mistreated but that shall stop and that the war brought shall kill the enemies themselves by using the chief. He continues in stanza 2 & 3 that upon his rule suffering would be changed to freedom and stop war with all his strength. He continues from stanza stating the impropriety of other chiefs, how they overexcite power up until stanza 7. In the last stanza the chief promises people that although they have lived through obstacles they...
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