A Point of View Against Woman Discrimination

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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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Adriana Cardona Cruz

A Point of View Against Women Discrimination
Just some decades ago, women were seen as an inferior and weaker human being who totally depended on a man in order to survive. These women lived an unhappy life, full of prejudice and insecurities. They were punished for something they had no fault: being born a female. In that time society denied them the right to control their own life. They were just another object, and they were expected to hand over their dreams and goals in order to dedicate themselves completely to satisfy their husbands, maintain the house, and give birth to many children. In the story The Chrysanthemums we meet Elisa Allen, a woman who faces the struggles of living in a society that rejects her for being a woman. I am against this attitude towards the female gender because we all have the right to fulfill our dreams and goals, to lead our own lives, and to pursue our own happiness. As we read the story we find that society, represented by Henry Allen and the Tinker, has denied Elisa Allen the opportunity and the right to fulfill her dreams and goals. What she wanted the most was to see the world, to live an adventure, to do something more than taking care of her house and her chrysanthemums every single day. However, according to the men in the story, what she wanted to do was beyond the capacity of women: “It ain’t the right kind of a life for a woman” (Steinbeck). The only area in which Elisa could be successful was in the garden. Women have the same potential as men. Being a female does not mean being inferior, in fact they can conquer the same success as men. Every woman has the right to dream and to strive for her goals without the fear of not being capable of reaching them. No one can tell a woman that she cannot do something she really wants, because she has the same intelligence, the same talents, and the same strength as men. Discrimination against women caused Elisa Allen to lose the control of her life....
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