“a Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective”. Discuss. Base Your Answer on Theoretical Concepts and Techniques Presented in Class.

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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“A Personalised Induction will always be more effective”. Discuss. Base your answer on theoretical concepts and techniques presented in class. “There are many standardised procedures for the induction of hypnosis, but all have the aim of relaxing the patient and encouraging him or her to focus awareness inwardly” (Hadley & Staudacher, 1996, page 19). When a person decides to undergo hypnotherapy, an induction is required to ensure they are sufficiently relaxed to experience the process completely. Various formats are used, depending on why the hypnosis is being undertaken (such as; giving up smoking, weight loss). Some hypnotherapists use a standard format while others personalise the script to each individual. There are many techniques a therapist can adopt to suit the client and their personality, but this must be based on first impressions and using the techniques to better define that person and as a result give successful counselling. It is these techniques that will be addressed in further detail in the following essay. One year ago I attended an interview for the role I am currently employed in. My manager conducted the interview and displayed many of the personal traits I would expect such as; to encourage and support, be understanding of my level of skills and interested in my development. I accepted the role and a big part of my decision was based on the characteristics displayed by my manager. Unfortunately, my first impressions were amiss and my manager turned out to be a very different person. Although I have found the last year one of the most challenging in my working life, I realise that I have learnt valuable lessons when trying to determine a person by first impressions. Had I structured my questions to my manager more effectively, could I have learnt more about their style of working and seen their true traits? Now I wonder, had I known their true traits and not taken the role, would this have been a bad decision due to having learnt and grown so much as an individual while being under their management? Humans may appear to possess similar characteristics at times but, we are very different and our personalities can change from day to day. We will all have been brought up in different environments giving us different likes and dislikes and having different opinions on the world. History tells us that old styles of hypnosis were more of an authoritarian approach, where those such as Franz Anton Mesmer, would command their clients into a trance. In today’s world, where cultural change has taken effect on people, this approach would not be suitable for some individual’s due to people’s unique characters which need to be considered when assessing a client.

In hypnosis we have to rely on words to communicate with our clients. It may come as a surprise that language makes up only 7% of our communication. Body language is our main way of communicating at 55% followed by tone and volume at 38%. This is why it is so important to find out the client’s likes and dislikes, their personality and to gain trust very early in the client / therapist relationship. So, how can we find out all of this information? Our brain receives information via our senses internally so we can assess it and learn how to act on it. So, what we feel internally is usually what we show on the outside. Our primary senses are referred to as what we: see, hear, touch and feel. Our smell and taste are what some would refer to as our secondary senses. In most cases we will have a preferred sense that we turn to in a particular situation, however we will use all of them at different times in our everyday life. We can also train ourselves to be more equal in using our different senses. These senses are known as Modalities. “Hypnosis and NLP both influence the subconscious mind. In many ways, hypnosis and NLP are opposite sides of the same coin and when they are combined they become arguably the most powerful tool for human...
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