A Person I Admire

Topics: Mother, Family, Morality Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: July 21, 2012
We all have our heroes, people whom we admire and respect, people who have made an impact on oue lives.They inspire us with what they do and how they live. For me, that special person is my mother.

I admire my mother most for the moral values. she has taught me since i was a child. she used to read to me stories that highlighted the importance of values such as love, kindness and honesty. More importantly, she is the embodiment of such values, giving me practical examples to follow. I am glad to say that i have lived up to her expectations. Today , i have gained some recognition and respect from my classmates for having good values.

I also admire my mother for her devotion to our family. In every thing she does , she express her love. For instance, when i was down with measles recently, she spent several nights by my bed, making sure that i was comfortable. My mother is usually the last to go to bed and the first to get up. She always seems to be around when my father , sister or i need her.

We try to show our appreciation of her by doing some of the housework. we also never fail to celebrate mother's Day with her.We make the occasion a rest day for her. We do not allow her to do any housework by taking it on ourselves. My father takes us out for dinner to around off the day.

I consider myself lucky to have a mother like mine. When i talk about her, I am filled with pride. My mother is one person whom i would not exchange for all the wealth in the world.
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