A Particular Situation That I Would Do Differently Than the Chararacter

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A particular situation that I would do differently than the character (Christopher) is when Christopher decided to travel to London all by himself; with no help or directions. First of all, if I was Christopher, I would never even think about moving to London all by myself at such a young age. If I was in the story, I would absolutely with no doubt ask if he is making the right decisions not only for himself but for his father. If I were in Christopher’s shoes at the exact same situation, I would’ve stuttered and thought about moving to London but not actually take action and make a strong, important decision right away. Secondly in the same situation, I would ask my father politely if we can both go to London together and meet her and hope for the best. Doing this will not only make my trip safe but I can also go with my father and see my family as a whole for the first time in my entire life. However if my father said no, then I would take action and make the decision to go to London by myself. The only thing that I would do differently (than what Christopher did) is actually planning before going; asking various types of questions to myself such as how I would get there, what if I get lost, how long will it take, what I would bring, etc. Then I would set a certain time for my trip concerning the time my father leaves early and comes home late. Finding out the time when my father leaves will not only make sure I won’t get caught but it will also help me schedule the train time (when the train leaves and comes). The moment I step outside would be hard for me to take another step because if I was Christopher, I would be afraid- since Christopher only knows the exact routes to “[his] school, home, and the bus stop” (155). And since I only knew the exact routes I would have to ask directions and socialize- something Christopher hates with passion. But I wouldn’t give up just because of fear holding me behind; I would take a big leap towards courage and try my...
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