A Painful Childhood Experience

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  • Published : June 10, 2002
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Painful Childhood Experiences
In a child's world, there is always a lot of imagination. Children create worlds of their own out of their familiar surroundings, despite what adults tell them. The only way to let them realize the truth is to make them experience it, as Rosaura from "The Stolen Party" and An-mei from "Scar" do in their lives. Liliana Heker's "The Stolen Party" and Amy Tan's "Scar" share a similar theme. Both stories follow the perceptions of young girls. Although Tan's "Scar" and Heker's "The Stolen Party" share a distinct resemblance, they also differ. Rosaura suffers the pain that others give to her, but An-mei suffers it from her loved ones, such as her grandmother. The main similarity is that both Rosaura and An-mei suffered from the painful circumstances of their lives. Rosaura convinces herself that Luciana is her friend and that she has been invited to Luciana's birthday party as any other guests. For Rosaura, there is the proof that every afternoon she goes to Luciana's house and they do their homework together. That is all the evidence Rosaura needs to consider herself a friend to Luciana. She even helps out with some chores during the party thinking she has some sort of "special" status in the house because of her familiarity with Luciana's home, as Heker states, "Rosaura was the only one allowed into the kitchen. Senora Ines, Luciana's mother also says, "You yes, but not the others, they're much too boisterous, they might break something." Rosaura had never broken anything." (P89) However, at the end of party, when Luciana's mother tries to pay her for her services, Rosaura realizes that she is just the maid's daughter, not a friend, not an equal, but merely a subordinate. We can imagine Rosaura's pain, as Heker writes, "Rosaura felt her arms stiffen, stick close to her body, and then noticed her mother's hand on her shoulder…."(p92) She is devastated. In the other story, An-mei's mother has left the family to marry someone who already...
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