A Narrative and Descriptive M&M Essay

Topics: Tongue, Olfaction, Sweetness Pages: 2 (929 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Fernanda Buenrostro
October 2, 2011
Period 2
Ms. Green M&M Tragic World
It was horrible to see my kind getting eaten. For me, being an M&M myself, it was horrible to watch as the humans ate the many M&Ms that were not given a chance to enjoy their life here at the M&M world factory as I was. But then again no other M&M was ever created as beautiful as me. No other M&M can compare to my precise and exquisite shape. None other is as smooth nor has nicely rounded flattened edges as me, and none other shines as bright as me. It’s the same thing every day of the week, every hour between the hours of 10am through 12am. Hungry crazy chocolate loving, specifically M&M loving people come in to this palace where you can find prodigious tubes plastered to the wall full of M&Ms according to their unique bright color, colors so bright, and fun, and inviting that make you wonder what is underneath the glossy surface of that small flatten sphere shaped candy, a palace where even from opening the door to that place people can smell the sweet unmistakable smell of milk chocolate from outside. A smell that is not strong enough with just couple of these candies, but with a room filled like this, the smell amasses up to a strong enough smell for our senses to detect. Here people come in and treat themselves to these delicate bundles of joys found in the small brown packages. To help the M&M industry strive and become bigger than it already is, the consumers are asked to do an optional consumer testing. In this testing they are asked what they think about the M&Ms they tried today and how they could make or improve them. I watch from afar, on a high show case as I stand there modeling my beautiful green self to everybody, what the people write about my fellow digested. The people who take this test are not asked to give any personal information except for age. One young man, quite short and with a full head of red curly hair with some...
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