A More Perfect Union. Essay

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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English 125

A more perfect union

Barack Obama decided to write an essay about the controversy surrounding his campaign. The speech was called A more perfect union. Barack Obama wrote A more perfect union to talk about race and how it has played a huge part in his campaign. He talks about how the American people should be focusing on the main goal that all races face which is bad economy, poor education, issues concerning the environment etc. Politicians should be judge based on their opinions on the economy, education, environment, health care, military than their race or ethnicity. Barack Obama in his essay A more perfect union, talked about the problems that is upon them has nothing to do with race but it has everything to do with Americans. Americans of all color and ethnicity that have lost their jobs can’t afford education. He talked about his former pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the relationship that they had that had build up for over 20 years. He states that he didn’t agree with Reverend Wright’s claims against the government but he cannot disown him because he considers him family. He talks about how Reverend Wright introduced him to his Christian faith, Married he and his wife and baptized his children. He also states that he understands Rollins 2

where reverend Wright was coming from and why he made the comment he said because he was raised in a segregated time when Jim crow laws and all type of inequalities was place upon African Americans and just because those laws have changed doesn’t mean the bitterness is gone. Barack Obama in his essay, A more perfect union talked about the history of racism in American. He talks about how racism hasn’t really been resolved. He talks about how Blacks still don’t have some rights. He also talked about how middle class white still have some anger and bitterness within them towards blacks. Barack Obama then stated that he didn’t agree with Reverend Wright because he...
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