A Modest Proposal

Topics: White people, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: November 16, 2012
Belliveau Patrick A00156136 ANGL 1042 November 7, 2011
As much the same as different
"A Modest Proposal" is an unrealistically conceived attempt to find an easy, cheap and fair way to convert the starving children of Ireland into "Sound and useful members of the common wealth." Swift explains how children across the country are impoverished because their families are too poor to keep them clothed and fed. A modest proposal pre-sents arguments for the many advantages on raising the children to be sold for a great deal of money as food. He expresses himself with such confidence when telling his fel-low compatriots an easy way to reduce poverty and overpopulation. The most ironic thing about "A modest proposal" is that it is not modest at all. It is a scary and insane thought to raise children to be eaten. "A Mild Suggestion" sarcastically proposes that Caucasians choose a night to lure in a few black people into their homes and poison or kill them by any means necessary. DuBois chose to ironically write about the problems that black people were having that was too often ignored, such as racism. One of the most satirist parts of the essay is when the speaker says: "The next morning there would be ten million funerals, and therefore no Negro problem. Think how quietly the thing would be settled!" It is an ironic notion be-cause it should be the other way around, the white people should be the ones coming up with ways to rid the world of black people and not the black people themselves. It is un-conceivable that this black man is suggesting these ideas and making them sound so sim-ple, when all of their lives, black people have been fighting to be respected. The essay ends with everybody shocked and disgusted at what the colored man said they should do with all black people, which is also an ironic idea, considering most of these people had racist attitudes to begin with. The one similarity between "A Modest Proposal" and "A Mild Suggestion" that sticks...
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