A Man for All Seasons- Cromwell vs. More.

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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A Man For All Seasons
The play, “A Man For All Seasons” written by Robert Bolt demonstrates many character personalities that contrast with others. Contrasting personalities are mainly portrayed through the two characters, Sir Thomas More, and Thomas Cromwell. Their different personalities cause their actions to further the play and the situations in the play.

The two characters, Sir Thomas More, and Thomas Cromwell are depicted as smart, men. More is a kind man, who seems to put others before himself, and bites his tongue even when he has an opinion on a subject. This is demonstrated through his opinion on the king's divorce. Cromwell is portrayed as a serious, self-conceited man, whose actions only benefit himself. This is displayed in the scene when Cromwell is attempting to get information on Sir Thomas More from Steward. In order to receive the information Cromwell wants, he is willing to bride Steward with coins. This scene in a way foreshadows the rest of the play, because it shows how Cromwell is willing to get what he wants with a little manipulation.

In the play, King Henry the VIII wants to divorce Queen Catherine because she did not produce him a son. Through these decisions, Sir Thomas More, and Thomas Cromwell's personal thoughts on the situation come out, and seem to contrast. As More is a good friend of King Henry the VIII, he believes that the Queen Catherine is still his wife and should not be divorced because she simply cannot produce an heir for the King. Thomas Cromwell's opinion varies greatly from More's. He believes that the King should divorce Catherine, because if the King were to pass away he would not have an heir to run England.

More and Cromwell's characters contrast in the play, “A Man For All Seasons” by Robert Bolt. More is a compassionate person, while Cromwell is very self-conceited and seems to be the villain type character. These two elements will further the play, and it's situations.
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