A Man for All Seasons

Topics: Thomas More, 2007 singles, Henry VIII of England Pages: 7 (2666 words) Published: October 25, 2010
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"But every man has his price" - Richard Rich (page 2)
"The friendship of Sir Thomas More. Or should I say acquaintance?" - Richard Rich (page 3) "A man should go where he wont be tempted" - More (page 4)
"Good... well you dont need my help now" - More to Rich (page 7) "Sir Thomas, if only you knew how much, much rather I'd yours than his!" - Rich to More (page 7) "No, i dont recommend him; but I point him out" - More to Norfolk about Rich (page 8) "My master Thomas More would give anything to anyone. Some say that's good and some say that's bad, but I say he can't help it - and that's bad... because some day someone's going to ask him for something that he wants to keep; and he'll be out of practice. There must be something that he wants to keep. That's only Common Sense" - The Common Man (page 9-10) "You're a constant regret to me, Thomas. If you could just see facts flat on, without that moral squint; with just a little common sense" - Wolsey to More (page 10) "She's as barren as a brick" - Wolsey to More (page 10)

"That thing out there's at least fertile" - Wolsey to More (page 10) "In addition to Prayer there is Effort" - Wolsey to More (page 10) "There are precedents" - More to Wolsey (page 10)
"Now explain how you as Councillor of England, can obstruct those measures for the sake of your own, private, conscience" - Wolsey to More (page 11) "Well... I believe, when statesmen foresake their own private conscience for the sake of their public duties... they lead their country to by a short route to chaos" - More to Cromwell (page 11) "I expect you'll make it worth my while" - Boatmen to More (page 13) "And will be no as long as you're a heretic" - More to Roper (page 17) "We must just pray, that when your head's finished turning your face is to the front again" - More to Roper (page 17) "It's no good arguing with a Roper. Let him think he's going with the current and he'll turn round and start swimming in the opposite direction?" - More to Margaret (page 18) "If Wolsey fell, the splash would swamp a few small boats like ours" - More to Margaret (page 19) "You must consider, Thomas, that I stand in peril of my soul" - Henry to More (page 31) "Leviticus: 'Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy brother's wife'" - Henry to More (page 31) "It is my bounden duty to put away the Queen and all the Popes back to St Peter shall not come between me and my duty!" - Henry to More (page 32) "How is it that you cannot see? Everyone else does" - Henry to More (page 32) "Because you are honest. What's more to the purpose, you're known to be honest" - Henry to More (page 32) "There are those like Norfolk who follow me because I wear the crown, and there are those like Master Cromwell who follow me because they are jackals with sharp teeth and I am their lion, and there is a mass that follows me because it follows anything that moves - and there is you" - Henry to More (page 32) "Respect? Oh, man it's water in the desert" - Henry to More (page 32) "No opposition! Your conscience is your own affair; but you are my Chancellor!" - Henry to More (page 33) "I have no Queen! Catherine is not my wife and no priest can make her so, and they that say she is my wife are not only liars... but traitors!" - Henry to More (pages 33-34) "Be ruled! If you won't rule him, be ruled!" - Alice to More (page 35) "But there's a little... little, area... where I must rule myself. It's very little - less to him than a tennis court" - More to Alice (page 35) "Thomas, stay friends with him" - Alice to More (page 35)

"Whatever can be done by smiling, you may rely on me to do" - More to Alice (page 35) "It's not convenient" - Margaret to Roper (page 35)
"Must everything be made convenient? I'm not a convenient man, Meg - I've got an inconvenient conscience!" - Roper to Margaret (however, also at More) (page 36) "One note on that brass conscience of yours and my...
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