A Man's Best Friend Essay

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A Man’s Best Friend
This can’t be happening! I don’t believe this is happening! He was my best friend. They were both my best friends. How does one go from having two best friends to having none at all? I’m all alone…and he is who I have to thank! It was him who did this. He is responsible—him and him alone! And I will make him pay if it’s the last thing I do. [Pause]

It seems like yesterday me and ‘ol Murph were playing fetch out back. I’d throw his favorite stick and he’d bring it back every time—no matter how far out into the woods I threw it. You sure were a smart ‘ol dog, Murph. You were my smart ‘ol dog. You always had a tendency to know when I was upset; you’d just come find me and crawl into my lap. You always knew how to make everything better. How is one supposed to replace the perfect companion? I can still fell your presences. [Deep Breath]

Now what am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to feel better when you were the only one who could make me?! And now you’re gone! That’s why John has to pay. Best friend or not he was drinking and driving and ran you over. He wouldn’t have even noticed if I hadn’t caught him. I should have made him pay then, but don’t you worry Murph I’ll get him back for what he did to you...for what he did to us.
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