A Loving Mama in "Everyday Use"

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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A Loving Mother
The first paragraph of the story tells us that the mother loved her daughters very much. She prepared everything such as making the yard so clean just to wait for her daughter to come. Therefore, we can say that the mother is a loving mother. In the paragraph number four, the mother tells the readers that she dreamed a dream that one day she and her daughter Dee brought together on a TV show and her daughter would tell the world how she was proud of her mother. The paragraph can tell us that the mother was only proud of Dee, not Maggie. She only dreamed that Dee would say something great about her, she didn’t mention anything about Maggie. So, one of the character of the mother was partial. The paragraph thirteen tells us that the mother was a poor and uneducated woman.

In my opinion, the mother was a round and static person because her thinking was changing over time. There was a lot of thinking in her mind. At first, the mother loved Dee more than loved Maggie because she thought that she was proud of Dee. But then she realized the Dee was an ungrateful daughter and Maggie was a successful daughter in term of emotional connection. Dee was a successful person out in the world but the thing mama needed was the emotional connection which she could find at Maggie. We could determine the mother was static very easily when she transferred the quilt from Dee to Maggie because the mother knew how to stop hoping that Dee was somehow appreciated her. She appreciated Maggie who she had the connection with. I rate this short story 4/5.
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