A LIMS Solution for Oil and Gas

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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A LIMS Solution for Oil & Gas
Sample Manager LIMS supports the efforts of companies in the petrochemical and refining industries to control their processes with rigorous testing and real-time monitoring. Specifically developed for enterprise deployments, Thermo Scientific* Sample Manager LIMS is the choice for many petroleum companies around the world. Sample Manager LIMS is scalable for a large user base and is available in multiple languages. It is flexible and configurable to accommodate various workflows, lab types and user communities across the enterprise. Sample Manager LIMS integrates easily with other applications and instruments in and out of the lab, providing one standard user-interface and helps companies enforce process standardization across multiple labs.

Sample Manager LIMS has proven capabilities that deliver real-time feedback on sample deviations, reduce paper and manual work to increase efficiencies, enable faster decision-making, integrate systems and standardize processes across multiple labs. * Sample Manager LIMS includes a web browser interface for remote sample login, data access and reporting * Secure access to the LIMS data is available for laboratory staff, remote users and external customers * Sample Manager’s web services interface allows the LIMS to be delivered as a network service that can be integrated using common Internet standards, such as ASP, XML, SOAP and HTTP * Industry standard tools help simplify integration with other laboratory and business systems (PIMS, MES, ERP solutions) and reduce costs Sample Manager LIMS is:

* Built on open standards with fully engineered Microsoft*.NET architecture using C# * A Multi-tier client/server solution operating with Microsoft inductive user interface * Web-enabled with a Service Oriented Architecture

* Configurable to provide enhanced functionality for the Petroleum industry * Easily integrates the lab with process plant, enterprise, and...
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