A Knight's Tale Essay

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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‘A Knights Tale’

‘A Knight’s Tale’ directed by Brian Helgeland in (2001) starring Australia’s own Heath Ledger is a story of a young peasant who has grown up on Cheap side, and goes on a journey of fulfilling his dream of becoming a Knight. ‘A Knight’s Tale’ was set in the 14th century which was based on a book called “The Canterbury Tales” written by Geoffrey Chaucer. He was serving William Thatcher to help William become a Knight.‘A Knight’s Tale’ shows the viewer that no matter the circumstances one can always change their stars;“To never give up and keep trying”. The film achieves this by examining the themes of Destiny, Friendship, Classes and Film techniques. Film also plays a significant role in the movie as they allow the audience to determine hierarchy. One of the most important themes is destiny.

The main theme in ‘A Knight’s Tale’ would be destiny. Destiny is what pushes William to believe. When William was a young boy, his father, John Thatcher, sent him away to do another Knight’s bidding, Sir Ector. Through luck, William stumbled upon Sir Ector’s body deceased under a tree and William then gathered his armour and began the journey to fulfil his destiny, also changing his name to Sir Ulrich Von Lichtenstein. “What’s your name William? I’m asking you William Thatcher, to answer me with your name. It’s not Sir William. It’s not count, or duke or earl William. It’s certainly not King William.” John Thatcher sent William away and said, “This is the best thing I can give to you. Change the stars and live a better life than I have.” William proves that even though he was born into a low social status, he is able to change his stars.

William could not fulfil his destiny without friendship. William was not the only one serving Sir Ector. Wat and Roland were also helping, Wat, Roland and William had a very strong friendship. Friendship is what helped William on his destiny to become a Knight. Without his friends, he would not accomplish his goal....
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