A Jury of Her Peers.

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Juliet Masabah
Amy Manley
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March 20, 12
“A Jury of Her Peers”
In a court case, is the intention of the crime indication for or against the convicted? While on the other hand it is used to prove the person guilty, also, it can be used to persuade in defending an act. Oppression is a cause enough to confirm civil disobedience. Our country was founded upon law breaking and rebellion against the British. Therefore began over two centuries of compromising the law, in big or in small ways, “civil rights movement” has addressed slavery, racism, and the latest feministic plans. In Susan Glaspell’s short story, the author dares the reader to rethink what it means to be a victim.

First we are introduced to a woman, Mrs. Hale, who at the beginning comes off as a main character. The details and patterns of her thoughts and her life misleads us, for an example, in paragraph 1, here we are shown the concept of Mrs. Hale’s instinct for tidiness, “her bread all ready for mixing, half the flour sifted and half un-sifted.” This plays as a minor detail, but it later becomes a key point as the plot changes, Mrs. Hale is shown to be a person of neatness and detail; meaning no work is to be left undone, and devotion to keeping a proper household. She comes off as a strong woman, a woman of principle.

In direct comparison to Mrs. Hale, we meet her associate accomplice, Mrs. Peters, the wife of the sheriff. It is interesting to note that while the author makes it clear that Mrs. Hale is well suited for her role in life, as the wife of a farmer. Mrs. Peters seems to be at ease being the wife of a lawman. She seems to lack character that is required of someone of authority, yet we come to understand as the plot is developed that she is instead a woman of equality, and as a character who can and will rise to the occasion.

Finally we are introduced to the character, in which the story is centered, the accused murderer, Mrs. Wright. She is characterized to be a...
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