A Journey Home(Reaction Paper)

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  • Published : September 7, 2011
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I didn't plan to watch a movie promoted and endorsed by the school because the last time I did, I wasted one hundred pesos on disappointment.

But being one of the SEC chairman's friends, I somehow felt obliged to support their project...and I did eventually( at a last minute basis).

I didn't expect anything from the movie so I wouldn't feel bad and disappointed afterwards. And I could say that I was not.

Everybody knows of my relationship with my dad(atleast my close friends do) ...he was never there for me emotionally so I somewhat declared upon myself that my grandfather is my father. It was hard living in the same roof with my dad and not having his attention nor affection...sad to say that it hurts me still...up until this very moment.

Watching A Journey Home left me emotional. I felt my partially healed wounds bleed again. It made me miss my grandfather even more. So I stared at the sky that night...a thing that Papa (my grandfather) and I used to do...desperately trying to find some form of comfort; but I've never felt so alone...I could hardly believe that he's dead and gone for five years already...

I'm not ashamed that I cried during and many times after watching the movie. It speaks of forgiveness and second chances...and undying (or maybe unwavering) faith...everything that I do not possess. I personally saw myself in the character of Raffy (Joem Bascon)...but I'm not entirely sure if I could do what he did...it might raise some brows, but hey, that's what I feel.
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