A Human Interest Story

Topics: Medical school, Medicine, Life Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: January 31, 2013
“One minute you've got a dying person… Then the next job you go to is a man with a cold who needs to see his GP.”


[Lydia Emerson on the right with her co-worker Ursula Cherry on the left]

Lydia Emerson, a conventional 19-year-old who grew up in a family of four in the city of Southampton is on her way to face the fast paced world of being a paramedic.

Now 78 miles away studying at a top medical school called St. Georges in London, she discloses some of her most traumatic experiences she faced during her placement week only 2 months into University.

Lydia, unlike most of us, knew from a young age that Paramedic science is what she wanted to pursue her career in. She revealed that her realization came from watching fictional crime scene dramas. “I loved CSI and ER”. However when she finished up her school years at a college called Barton Peveril in Eastleigh, Hampshire, she was faced by the fact that a medical profession required seven years of further study. So as a result was put off by the idea. After giving it some thought she looked into if there was any possibility of getting around the education system as she didn’t want to give up her dream so quickly but also didn’t want to spend so much time in further education after 17 years of it already. After doing several bits of research she realized that putting up with gore, blood and trauma was not a weak point for her, but being the people person that she is and having a skill in acting quickly under pressure it would be enough to challenge her academically without years of hard work. This is where the idea of becoming a Paramedic came into play.

Everyone has great expectations for medical schools and it was the same for Lydia. When asked how she found settling in she answered “Medical School has it’s Pro’s and Cons. Because we’re all studying healthcare it means we can relate to each other perfectly and we’re interested in what others are doing”. On the other hand she revealed that...
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