A Horse and Two Goats - by R. K. Narayan

Topics: Comedy, Humour, Humor Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The story is a really good story confusing but humorous. At first, as you go reading, the story gives you a different idea of what is going to happen in it. Muni, the Indian village, wasn’t a wealthy man but he had his cattle to live on, but as it cattle went dying he was just left with 2 goats. He didn’t have much money, he was always asking for credit to the shop man and was always inventing lies to get the credit (the lies he came up with were funny). What confuses me more is when the foreigner comes into the story. They both are talking to themselves as if they were in a dialogue, which they aren’t cause they don’t understand themselves and they don’t respond to any of their stories or comments, so they were talking in a monologue and explaining their own lives. What is funny again is the ending of the story were Muni gets a hundred rupees for what he thinks that are his goats when it actually isn’t. The story made me think about of the different situations lived in an occidental world and an oriental world. There are a lot of differences as we may see from the stories told from the foreigner and the life lived by Muni in India. It also made me think of the things that we may assume just by what we see. I mean the foreigner assumed Muni was selling that statue and that he made it just cause he was sitting on it “waiting for a buyer”- that’s what the foreigner assumed. We do this a lot assume things that aren’t really what are going to happen. Another example of assuming things in this story is when the foreigner is petting the goats and at the same time getting the money for the statue out and Muni assumes he wants the goats so he takes the money and leaves. Almost all of the assumptions made in the story were humorous and I personificated myself with the story. These are my true feeling with the story personification, humor and a bit of confusion just to play with our minds. The personification in the story is a personal comment therefore is not of much...
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