A History of Women in America Summary

Topics: World War II, Civil war, Historian Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: March 13, 2013
The most interesting information that I read in this book was how all women no matter their race wanted their rights because they worked like a man if not harder and did men’s jobs sporadically throughout history. This was interesting because even though women proved themselves over and over and still men refused to recognize them. Women posed as a major factor in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars but once again received no recognition. Men failed to realize the importance of women.

The material in this book is very important to my life today. In society women are a major part of life in general and without them acquiring their rights I don’t believe we would’ve been as economically and socially stable as we are today. This book did change my perception of history because before reading it I didn’t realize the hardships and struggles that women went through that mean didn’t in history. Women were outstandingly strong and encouraging throughout history. They were great motivation for anyone growing up today facing adversity.

This material ties into our lessons as we get further into America’s history. The more America prospered the more and more women did that help it grow and become a stronger country. Reading this novel made me feel like growing up history should’ve focused more on struggles and trials of people in history. It should really show the struggles of men and women throughout the history of America to show that nothing was easy and it had to be worked for.
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