A Hardworking Unappreciated Prince

Topics: Interview, Sales Pages: 4 (1050 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Alex “The Philosopher” Aquino
English 1302-GDH2
Professor Ortiz
March 7th, 2013
A Hard-Working, Unappreciated Prince
To pick nominees for the National Salesman Award, I travelled around the U.S. interviewing some of the hardest working salesman America has to offer. I travelled from the north to the south to find the finest salesman to give such an honor of being the best of the best. I went to New York to visit my friend Howard and interview some of his sellers. Howard assembled a little meeting which he kept recommending me to his youngest and most stout salesman. But I wasn’t interested. One salesman however, seemed to catch my eye. I saw this old man leaving Howard’s building muttering to himself with a happy expression. I asked Howard who that was but disregarded my question. He tells me to not waste my time. I ignored Howard’s remarks and continued to pursue this man. Howard later shows me the file of Willy Loman, a salesman in Howard’s firm for more than twenty years and the man that I saw walk out. As I made my rounds, I found Willy wandering around a nearby park in the middle of a Monday night. I went to confront him. Interviewer: Mr. Loman! Mr. Loman over here!

Willy: “Just wanna be careful with those girls, Biff, that’s all. Don’t make any promises. No promises of any kind…..” (Miller, 1878) Interviewer: Mr. Loman! Mr. Loman?!
Willy: “Biff! Where is he? Why is he taking everything?” (Miller, 1884) Interviewer: Biff? No Mr. Loman.
Willy: “There’s nothing the matter with him! You want him to be worm like Bernard? He’s got spirit, personality…..” (Miller, 1884)
I disregarded who this Biff character was, since it was dark and Mr. Loman looked the age of sixty. With those conditions, Mr. Loman could’ve confused me with anyone of that matter. I guess I sound and looked a lot like this Biff he was talking about. Interviewer: No, No, Mr. Loman. My name is Alex Aquino. I am with Boston American. I’m here in New York to interview nominees for the...
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