A Good Governance

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  • Published : September 14, 2009
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In order to for good governance to exist, there are three guiding principles; practicing meritocracy, having honest and capable leaders and the principle of being forward- looking.

Having honest and capable leaders is the most essential factor among the three to good governance. Having honest and capable leaders can enhance stability in the government and help make the right decisions. With honest and capable leaders, they would be able to raise a country’s welfare to better heights, making right decisions at critical point of time, and differentiation between black and white. With honest and capable leaders, they would be able to plan well for the future preparing the country for future needs and to impose schemes to commend the citizen’s good effort so as to motivate them to strive for the better. Having good and capable leaders are essential in maintaining a good governance. If the leader is corrupt, the government can bring havoc to the people. The citizens would be ripped off their money or personal assets by the government, and everyone would not be practicing democracy. Take Mr Lee Kuan Yew for example, he stepped up in times of crisis, and efficiently built Singapore from its undesirable environment to its present cosmopolitan city, with a striving economy. He was loyal to Singapore and did his utmost best to pull Singapore out from the ‘abyss’, his upright character and wits helped Singapore achieve its current economical and social standing in Singapore . Therefore, having honest and capable leaders is very essential for good governance and for the country’s welfare.

However, the other two factors of practicing meritocracy and being forward- looking is also needed for good governance.

The practice of meritocracy can motivate citizens to strive for greater heights upon commendation and recognition for his or her hard work. Everyone would be given equal rights and opportunity which has resulted in a pool of talented people. For example, the...
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