A Getting Lost

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  • Published : July 11, 2012
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Duyen Dang

It was the most frightening experience of my life when my family and I spent our holiday in Las Vegas some years ago. To relax and entertain after a long hard-working time, my parents decided that we would spend our Christmas holidays in Las Vegas. It was an exciting trip. We were all having a wonderful time together during the trip, except for the last day. The story started when we decided to watch the pirate show. It was such an interesting show that it attracted hundreds of people. I was very excited at the admirable performance of the actors and the actresses. At the end of the show, everybody started to hustle. My sister and I were unconsciously shoved away from my parents further and further. When the show ended, I realized that Anna – my little sister – had disappeared. I thought that she must be with my parents. With a hope in my mind, I turned back to my parents. “Where is Anna?” asked my mom just as she saw me. I was filled with terror. “How could you leave your nine-year-old-sister alone among such a crowd?” my dad, who had never got angry at me before, said while we were looking for her. Because Anna did not have a cell phone and was too young to get back to the hotel by herself, I was afraid that we would not see her again. With a feeling of guilt, I was very nervous and going to cry. After many hours of searching, we hopelessly went back to the hotel. While my father was going to call the police, Anna surprisingly appeared. “Here you are, my babe,” my mom said emotionally, embracing her. We learned that she had been taken to the hotel by a kind-hearted lady. The story taught me a valuable and memorable lesson. I had better be more responsible and careful while looking after my sister. Moreover, I realized that there are usually good-hearted people around in our lives.
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