A Gap of Sky: Analysis and Interpretation

Topics: Short story, Essay, British Museum Pages: 3 (1102 words) Published: March 22, 2011
A Gap of Sky
-Analysis and interpretation
The short story by Anna Hope is about a nineteen-year-old girl named Ellie. We’re introduced to Ellie while she is lying in her bed, just awoken from what seems to have been a wild night out. It is Monday, which means she went out a Sunday, which for many people is an unusual day to go party. The first sentence in the short story goes like this: ‘It is dark, but the wrong dark.’ Ellie likes the dark, but she senses that it is the wrong kind of dark. A third person narrator tells the story, but the narrator is aware of Ellie, her feelings and thoughts. We never hear the narrator saying ‘I’, because the narrator does not exist. The narrator is like a fly on the wall, all-knowing. The narrator is explicit from the story. The wrong dark refers not only to, that it is probably dark in her room because her curtains are closed and it is daylight outside, but to her state of mind and that Ellie is aware of that there is something wrong in her life. But she, at this point, is not aware of what is wrong. But she can sense that something is. Ellie reaches for her phone and finds out that the clock is half-past four. ‘Oh shit oh shit oh shit.’ That is what Ellie is thinking, the narrator, whom knows, tells us. Ellie suddenly becomes aware of, that she has an essay due to the next day. An essay she already had extended, and we’re told that she has received a letter from the course she is taking, at the UCL, explaining that she will be expelled from the course if she does not hand over this essay. This and other facts like her cursing, doing drugs, going out on Sundays and her messy room all gives us the impression that this is a stressed girl, whom is definitely not feeling at peace. She goes out to buy ink for her printer, wearing tracksuit bottoms, a hoody and a hat. We’re not told what kind of hat it is, but that is not important. Ellie uses the hat for imprisoning her mind, which later will be set free. She will later walk down...
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