A Game of Chess.

Topics: Color, Photography, Marcel Duchamp Pages: 1 (407 words) Published: April 7, 2013
A Game of Chess|
Artist: Marcel Duchamp Written By: Chad Jordan|
A simple yet complex description from the eyes of a college student newly educated on the arts.| |

Marcel Duchamp is most renown for his work, Fountain (1917) was displayed and photographed at Alfred Stieglitz’s studio and Nude Descending a Staircase (1912) In the Duchamp’s painting A Game of Chess (1910), he uses a variety of colors. He uses shades and tints of those colors vividly and with balance of the brightness and neutral colors. His use of optical color can draw a viewer’s eyes to many places within the work. Although the shades and tints of the green background that canvases the entire painting, My eyes were particularly drawn to the small table with what seems to be an aqua table cloth with a broad light pink stripe traveling around it. Atop the table, there is a teapot along with a saucer and a tea cup as if the woman sitting in the chair resting her hand on the table could have been drinking some tea. She also appears to be looking off into the distance, squinting as if there is something small within her line of view. Her legs are crossed and Duchamp does a great job of painting the wrinkles on her long white dress with subtle lines that add a natural look to the representational work of art. The woman lying down on her side next to the other woman balances the foreground of the painting in both color and symmetry. The red jacket and brown pants add a variety to the foreground along with balancing the bland white dress. She is looking down at an angle as if there is something on the non-existent floor. The two gentlemen in the back of the painting are intensely focused on the game of chess that they are playing. The color balance of the men are almost opposite of the women in the front. The man on the right is dressed lighter, in a bluish colored suit, while the other’s appearance is dark in a brown suit. The men, both leaning over in interest, create symmetry within...
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