A Farm Radio Talk on Nitrogen Management in Rice Field by Using Leaf Color Chart(Lcc)

Topics: Nitrogen, Fertilizer, Rice Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: July 6, 2011
A farm radio talk on Nitrogen management in rice field by using Leaf Color Chart(LCC)

Hello dear, Assalamualikum. In this sunny morning, you all are welcome in my show named ‘‘AGRO BANGLA” and you are listening “Radio Foorti” at “FM 89.6”. Hope, you all are well by the grace of almighty Allah. Can you guess who I am? Yea, its Shamim. Today I will try to give some important information, as usual in our show. So seat and hear attentively. Today I will tell about leaf color chart and its utilization on nitrogen management in rice:

At first we have to know what is leaf color chart. Leaf color chart is a plastic, ruler-shaped strip containing four panels that range in color from yellowish green to dark green. It is an easy-to-use and inexpensive diagnostic tool for monitoring the relative greenness of a rice leaf as an indicator of the plant nitrogen status.

Now, I am telling you the major advantages of leaf color chart. Farmers can apply nitrogen fertilizer when needed. Leaf color chart saves time, and is thus preferred by farmers who have gainful alternative activities. Using leaf color chart saves money and increases more return from the crop. By using leaf color chart we can apply appropriate amount of urea into the field. Application of leaf color chart reduces insect attack and disease infestation. The leaf color chart is used to rapidly assess leaf nitrogen status and thereby guide the application of fertilizer nitrogen to maintain an optimal leaf nitrogen content, which is vital for achieving high rice yield with effective nitrogen management.

Now, in real time nitrogen management option, farmers monitor the rice leaf color at 7- to 10-day intervals from tillering to about 5−10 days after panicle initiation for inbred rice,and up to heading for hybrid rice and large panicle-type rice. Farmers apply fertilizer nitrogen whenever the leaves become more yellowish-green than a...
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