A Dinner Menu

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A Dinner for our special friend
Tonight I am preparing a dinner for my friend's Birthday Party. The party can't happen if there're no food so i plan to make the food for them, and the food that i'm going to make is Mixed field greens salad, Beef Tenderloin , chicken wings and the cheesecake for the dessert . Furthermore, there're so many people coming to this party so i have to make sure if there're enough foods for everybody.

First, i am going to start of with the appetizers. the appetizer that i chose is Mixed field greens salad, and the reason that i chose this salad because it's a tasteful , healthy , and fresh , also because it's my friend's favorite .Furthermore , i would chose to server this salad on a huge bowl so everyone would be able to get it.

Now,while everyone is enjoying their appetizers, i will have my aunt start cooking the dinner. She will prepare Beef Tenderloin because that's my friend's favorite also because it's delicious and very healthy. Furthermore, she will also make chicken wings because all of my friends loves it and also because we had it every time when we having a party. Later on when all the foods' ready I'll have my aunt bring it out from the kitchen and serve it on the dinning table.

Next after everyone's food digest from this delicious meal we will have dessert ,and the dessert that i chose to make is cheesecake.The reason that i chose the cheesecake is because cheesecake is my favorite dessert and also my friend's favorite,too.

Inconclusion, these are all of the menu that i'm going to make it tonight to prepare for my friend's birthday party
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