A Different History by Sujata Bhatt

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A Different History by Sujata Bhatt
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This poem is written by Sujata Bhatt who emigrated from India. This poem is about the British Colonization in India and importance of religions and culture in India. There are 2 seperated parts in the story where there is 2 different themes and different moods. Cultural difference, importance of language, lost identities(souls), Indian traditions are the most important themes. The poet used free verse, repeated words and questions to make the poem stronger. PART I:

The poet tries to say the life shoulde be free in India. She explains how we should treat books and respect them. This part explains how religions are important in India. Almost every object is sacred like trees and the gods can roam freely which tells the reader about the freedom in India. Also Bhatt sais that without disturbing Sarasvati(goddess of knowledge), without offending the tree we should learn how to turn pages gently. It means agains  religions are very important and also the knowledge is very important. The mood of this part is hopeful and the tone is respectful and well-coming. Unforunetly, everything will change in the second part. PART II:

The poet complains about the British Colonization in this part. She focuses on importance of language and how British took their language, knowledge and identities. The oppressor’s tongue which means England tried to kill their language and souls. There is an angry tone in this part and the mood is hopeless and fearful. Bhatt describes the process of the colonization and effects about language and future. She explains how British invasion took their identities with a scythe. Finally, Bhatt mentions unborn grandchildren will love that strange language as their own language.                                             SCYTHE                                                                                                          SUJATA BHATT...
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