A Description of Probation Compliance

Topics: Prison, House arrest, Probation officer Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Probation compliance is strict rule that one must follow if he or she is on probation. Some of the rules you have to comply with, is your probation officer will have you report to them on a certain day as often as requested by your probation officer. If you have some kind of illness that you cant make it or any kind of emergency, you still have to get a hold of them, and immediately schedule a new appointment. When you come see you PO officer for the fist time you will need to bring with you an ID, Proof ware you live at, if you have employment you have to show ware, if you have any treatments that are completed or if there is any changes in name, address, or phone then you will need to provide this information as well. You should never carry any firearms or be in precession of any at all times. This means no police contact of any kind as well. So basically if you don’t comply with all these rules then you ass!! Will be in the doghouse. This is what probation compliance is, to follow all and any rules while you are on probation. This also means at no time can one leave the state period!! http://www.jud.state.ct.us/faq/adultprob.html One of the problems about probation, is does it really work? We have so many people in our prisons rate now, because of probation violations. A lot of people get out of prison because they were in there for a violation of there probation, and a lot return for this same reasons. Harkin, D. (Ed.). (n.d.). Retrieved November 26, 2007, from http://www.november.org/stayinfo/breaking2/IDObserver.html So I think the biggest problem with probation is it just don’t work.

What’s being done to deal with this problem? Some states are trying to better the system. It starts with the hiring process, to reshape probation it starts here. You have to have an successful work fore for one. For example, (Training methods will change as well as probation moves to embrace its new mission. The adult probation department in Maricopa County in Phoenix,...
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