A Debate Between Oedipus and Socrates on the Role of Fate

Topics: 2006 singles, Mother, Fear Pages: 4 (1679 words) Published: September 26, 2008
A very important debate that runs in our society is the role of fate in the life of a person. Many philosophers have chosen to highlight the importance of fate while many others, especially those with a scientific bent of mind, have chosen to ignore the role of fate. Many people, especially scientists, believe that fate is non-existent and that a man writes his won destiny. They believe that a man’s industry creates his fate and that there are other forces that determine the progression of his life. They cite the lives of great men and women, who had defied fate and had made a name for themselves in the society. They believe that a person must use his skills and his resources and fight against all odds to become successful in life. On the other hand, those who support the existence of the entity called fate believe that human progress is pre-determined. They believe that all the trials and tribulations that men face in this world is due to fate: that pre-determined entity that seems to make all our attempts to secure something futile. They believe that successful people have become successful because fate had ordained them to be so. Without fate on their side they would have definitely failed. They have numerous examples to cite wherein people failed in their endeavors without any apparent reason. People who seemed set to achieve their goals failed miserably without any explainable reason. It is worthwhile to have a discussion on the role of fate in our lives. We will invite Oedipus, the tragic hero, whose life was a living hell because of the effect of fate and Socrates, the all-time cynic who believed in the potential of man to rewrite fate even if it did exist. They will share the Dias and debate on this topic. Welcome gentlemen!

Oedipus: I believe that fate has a very profound effect on the life of people. I too in my younger days did not believe in the prophecy that surrounded my life and always believed that I could rewrite fate. However the...
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