A Day with a Friend

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  • Published : September 24, 2011
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A Day with a Friend
The 3 brothers arose to as bitter, winter day, ready to start their long, dreadful time in school. The eldest brother, Jonathan was prepared to set out for school, but was alarmed to see that they had not set breakfast or lunch for the day. Danny, the second eldest and Leon, the youngest had also stared at the empty wooden cabinet with disbelief. They all sauntered to school empty-handed as the icy, brisk air flashed into their faces. The 3 brothers had expectations that the rest of the day will continue as a horrid dream, yet little did they know that something might just change their thoughts.

When they finally reached Beverly High, their first period started in science class where Mrs. Brenda taught. Before the teacher entered the room, Leon, yet again, seemed to be having problems with his classmate, Jeremy. Ever since Jeremy overheard the conversation between Jonathan, Danny, and Leon about the fact the youngest brother had began having symptoms of dyslexia, he started spreading rumors and making fun of him. To Leon, the thought of being bullied have been running through his mind as though his fears were beginning to clog around his heart. As Jeremy passed by Leon, he whispered, “You’ll never succeed with that type of disease”.

As time floated by, students gathered to the cafeteria to eat for lunch. The 3 brothers were dreading the same old routine of appalling food. Just one bite makes that person cry out in exhaustion. Everyone always seems to bring their own lunch, yet today, the 3 brothers didn’t pack anything for their meal.

About a few minutes later, the student body president marched into the cafeteria declaring that a debate contest will soon be held. “Students who register must put their first and last name on the chart. We will have a designated topic for the chosen students to debate on. The winner of this competition will receive a trophy and a ticket that...
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