A Culturally Endangered Youth

Topics: Religion, Culture, Nigeria Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: April 12, 2013
A Culturally Endangered Youth.
The combined forces of colonialism, westernization, and modernization have perfectly combined to drive Igbo culture to the margins of existence. What is dominant among the Igbo now is the payment of lip service to culture, especially by way of tourism and so-called inculturation. The people most affected are the young ones, mainly because the usual framework of learning by participation is no longer available to a greater percentage of them. Since the youths are said to be the leaders of tomorrow, this implies that the future is culturally bleak for them. Colonialism

The colonization of Nigeria by Britain saw the forceful imposition of British/European values upon Nigerians. The political culture, the religion culture, the economic system, the traditional modes of education and socialization, etc. were first denied, then condemned as “primitive”, and then forcibly displaced. New ways of political administration, religious conduct, cultural values, economic systems and management, as well as socialization of the young were deliberately and forcibly imposed on the people. No form of dialogue took place except when a conflict ensued that was not resolvable by force, or except when the British saw the use of dialogue as a more beneficial option that to recourse to violence. Westernization

This term refers to the conscious and unconscious adoption of western colonial values by the colonized people. Western education and Christianity are the major agencies through which the Igbo become westernized, that are the agencies through which the Igbo began to both acquire western values and devalue their authentic indigenous values. People woke up to attend school every day and to go to church on Sundays. These displaced the activities of going to farm, to hunt, to fish, and to engage in other daily routines concerned with livelihood. The deities also became neglected and abandoned by the Igbo, especially the young ones who were...
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